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My name is Ms. Wilkinson , I have my Master’s degree in Early Childhood Studies. I look forward to an exciting year as the 3rd grade teacher here at OLPHCAB. I have been teaching for years in Brooklyn. I love teaching because it give students  to ability and resources to learn ,grow , and succeed.

As a class we will learn our curriculum and share new knowledge as we explore the year of school. 

Class Expectation : We will learn and cover the Next Generation New York standards in ELA & Math.

Homework: is updated and posted on homework page everyday.





,March, 30th,2020

Good Morning 

Monday, March 30th,2020

Welcome to week 3 of distant learning ! Once again thank you to all the students


,parents, and families for being supporting, helpful, and patient during this online learning transition.

Religion : finishing up chapter 10 and answer questions on the google form called religion chapter 10 assessment.

Social studies : learn more about italy on the powerpoint and then answer questions on the google form called social studies assignment


Ela: readworks assignment please make sure you finish completely and submit for credit.


Math: fraction video lesson then answer questions from video on the google form called fraction






Letter for the  Principal 3/29/20

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hope all is well. We are now entering week three of being out of the school building. I know this

is a trying time for everyone, especially the children, who are missing social interactions with

their peers, teachers and the OLPH family. Please be very mindful that our children takes their

que from the adults around them, so please be careful how we speak when they are nearby, be

mindful of what they watch on television and give them all the love and support you can.

Please try to keep your child occupied and safe with schoolwork and other activities to keep

their little minds from what is transpiring around them. I know this might seem like a herculean

task; however, we must try to keep them in some normalcy as possible. If they ask questions

about the Coronavirus, please speak with the honestly, but try do it without panicking. Speak

with your child about the importance of taking necessary positive preventive measures to help

them from getting sick.

The teachers and I are working hard to keep in touch with the students and you the parents.

Please know that we are all in this struggle together, and I know we will come out of this

stronger than ever. Please continue to pray for us, as we will continue to pray for you. God

Bless you all.

Mrs. Tyndall



P.S. Please note there will be no distance learning starting from Holy Thursday, April 9 to the

17, 2020 for the Easter break. Classes will resume on April 20, 2020.

Tuesday March 24th 2020

Good Morning 3rd grade 

Tuesday, March,24th,2020

I have sent the attendence form for today along with powerpoint 

There also another google form for the ela work on reading comprehension

Religion : You will create your own Lenten jar that you will add your first item today. Write down one kind act you did at home ! (photo evidence of the lent jar)


Ela:  Write a sentence with each new vocabulary word .

 Also on Monday march 30thwe will have mini online quiz on the vocabulary words.

Homework :reading comprehension on google form(sent in emails)

Reading :  Write your own Acrostic Poem !

Math : reviewing fraction as a whole with some question for classwork and 

 Homework :https://www.ixl.com/math/grade-1/simple-fractions-parts-of-a-group

  i will give each of you your login 

Science: learning about extreme weather answer questions 

Homework : readworks assignment (make sure you complete this is counted as a grade)!

Thursday March 26th 2020

Good Morning 

Thursday March 26th 2020

Religion :•Continue to add to your Lenten jar about what you're doing during this lent season. Then choose one thing you did share . 


Ela : •Readworks Assignment on women history 


Math : •First the google form to review what we've been working on. Then review the powerpoint for what we explore tomorrow lesson 


Homework : make sure you complete the math google form , read works assignment and continue your reading log using free book on :


●Class code :xic2317

Friday March,27th,2020

Good Morning 


Religion : you will review slides about lent and a video , and then write one paragraph about what you learned today about lent.


Ela: review the vocabulary and we will have mini assessment on Tuesday.


Reading : Readworks assignment.


Math : we will explore fractions with new vocabulary and a video on khan academy . On khan use the link below to create a free login for your child.


Social studies : we explore places in italy on our powerpoint.

Monday March 23, 2020

Good Morning 3rd grade 

I have sent everyone the attendance form please fill out before 10am this morning. I also sent a powerpoint with today’s lesson and assignments!

Religion : explore the first part of the apostles creed and write one paragraph about what those first two lines of the prayer mean ?

Ela: what skills do you need to be a great writer? Write grpahic organizer explaining skills someone needs to be a great writer

Math: fractions and problems in the powerpoint 

Social stuides : powerpoint lesson and write where in europe you would want to visit. Write two paragraphs explain where in europe you would want to visit and why.

Homework : social studies assignment on www.readworks.org


*Also i posted pdf information about a science fair project that is due april 20,2020 !


Good Morning 3rd Grade , 

I hope everyones doing well. I wanna thank all the students and families for all the positive feedback, the amazing work that has been done this week. I know this transition to distant learning is not easy but we made it through the first week . Happy Friday!

Religion : Think about how during this hard time , you could help someone who is in need, write one paragraph of what you would do to help someone in need.


Social Studies : their an assignment on readworks.org 


Ela: reading the passage and finding the main idea . https://www.ixl.com/ela/grade-3/determine-the-main-idea-of-a-passage


Math: introductions into fractions and write down certain things you are unsure or confused by about fractions. https://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic/fraction-arithmetic/arith-review-fractions-intro/v/fraction-basics


Science :.assignment on readworks.org






Good Morning 3rd grade i hope everyone doing well,

Thursday March 19th 2020

Religion : They will read a passage on read works about

the ten commandments.(Please make sure you're completing and submitting the assignments on read works).


Ela : first your going to watch a video about finding the main idea in a story or article. Using the link below for the video and sign in as a guest

https://learnzillion.com/assignments/2XX4687/ (when completed share a picture since its free site it doesn't save)

Math : complete pages 422,423,424 in math workbook. 

Also for math : your going to practices your times tables 


Homework :

Math : just watch an introduction to fractions video 

https://learnzillion.com/lesson_plans/7557-describe-a-fraction-as-an-equal-share-of-a-whole/lesson (when completed share a picture since its free site it doesn't save)


Social Studies : read works about climate change .

Explore our solar system on readworks and find the main idea of the text.

Parents, if you need this service, please call the number below. Thank you


Free internet K-12 students

1-866-674-6287   Sales/New Accounts

March 18, 2020
This is Important for the safety of our children.
Dear Parents, Please use the following information below to speak with your child about the importance of being safe on the internet, especially during this time of distance learning. Thank you.
Please use the link below to take you to the CLP/TLP website. Please review the information with your child.
The posters may be easily accessed at this address:
The link and 
the password are:  childluresprevention.com/diobrooklyn.  The password for parents is: 4par3nts   Information is available in English and Spanish.
Thank you for your cooperation.



Good Morning Parents 

Hope all is well! Today is the beginning of our distant learning. As of this morning ,I saw many students checking in and starting to work on their assignments. Please note that some assignments are open and some are not (meaning that it will be locked until a certain day, which is why checking option c or teacher email  DAILY is VERY important).

As I told the students, pacing is very important and to look out for the due dates/times. Please be aware that some submissions are to be done through email evidence and others are online sources. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! My email is mwilkinson@olphcab.org.

Stay safe and well,




Good Morning 3rd Grade 

Today Wednesday March 18th, 2020 . 

First step : I will be posting your daily assignments day to day in morning.

Once you have seen the assignment for the day please email me at : mwilkinson@olphcab.org, In the email state childs name and that you saw that day assignment this is how we will take attendance.Attendance will be taken by 9:30am so please email by or before 9:30am. Please make sure you email me this morning for attendance, it is very important . 

Wednesday March 18th 2020

Religion: reach chapter 10th and write one paragraph summary about important information in the text , if it helps your child they can highlight as they read the chapter. 

Ela: They will read or listen to the story of young thomas edison in our reading textbook. Here the youtube link for the read-aloud to listen to :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5BbvfR0Pto

Once there done they will have read works about thomas edison

Math : division review with remainders and a video reviewing the topic https://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic/arith-review-multiply-divide/arith-review-remainders/v/introduction-to-remainders

  1. 69÷7=

  2.  91÷8=

  3. 50÷3=

  4. 26÷9=

  5. 77÷5=

3/18 homework 

Science: readworks article 

Stay safe and well, if you have any questions im here to help.




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