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Letter from the Principal, 3/29:

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hope all is well. We are now entering Week Three of being out of the school building. I know this is a trying time for everyone, especially the children, who are missing social interactions with their peers, teachers and the OLPH family. Please be very mindful that our children take their cue from the adults around them, so please be careful how we speak when they are nearby, be mindful of what they watch on television and give them all the love and support you can.

Please try to keep your child occupied and safe with schoolwork and other activities to keep their little minds from what is transpiring around them. I know this might seem like a Herculean task; however, we must try to keep them in some normalcy as possible. If they ask questions about the Coronavirus, please speak with them honestly, but try to do it without panicking. Speak with your child about the importance of taking necessary positive preventive measures to help them from getting sick.

The teachers and I are working hard to keep in touch with the students and you, the parents. Please know that we are all in this struggle together, and I know we will come out of this stronger than ever. Please continue to pray for us, as we will continue to pray for you. God Bless you all.

Mrs. Tyndall


P.S. Please note there will be no distance learning starting from Holy Thursday, April 9 to April 17, 2020, for the Easter break. Classes will resume on April 20, 2020. 



Friday, 3/27: Join Pope Francis in prayer and for a special "Urbi et Orbi" blessing this afternoon at 1:00 pm on NET-TV. NET-TV can be seen on Spectrum (channel 97), Optimum (Ch. 30) and Fios (Ch. 48). 


Parents, please be sure that your children check the assignments of their special

subjects (Art/Computer, Music/Spanish, STEM)

1. Parents can get in touch with Mrs. Tyndall by emailing her at mtyndall@olphcab.org.

2. You can pay your arrears/March tuition by calling Ms. Francine @ 347-515-9776 - only credit card payments can be done at this time.

3. To help with Option C lock out, please email Susan (Sdevaynes@olphcab.org) 

- A receipt will be mailed to your house by Francine once the transaction is completed.

- If you need to speak to a teacher regarding Report Cards, email that teacher and an appointment can be arranged to speak with them. 





















Parents: Be sure to check in for your child’s attendance DAILY by 9:30 am. This is important so that we can track them and mark them off as being in class. This also allows me to know you are aware of the daily assignments that are being given. If you do not confirm your child’s attendance by 9:30 am, he/she will be considered ABSENT.


An easier way to submit your attendance is to check in under my Google Classroom page. Go to the Attendance section and look for the current day ---> click it on and sign-in your child's name. Your sign-in will be recorded.

Students: Daily work should be submitted by 5 pm, unless otherwise noted. Please submit proof of finished work by that time via email or as attachments in Google Classroom. If you choose to send via email, please include your name and grade in the body of the email.

3/19/20 Daily Update​

Good evening Homeroom Parents,

Use the link below that will take you to the CLP/TLP website, and please review the Child Lures/Teen Lures Prevention program with your child. COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK IN A NEW URL BAR. You will be prompted to enter a password (see below). Parents, please watch all 3 videos and then have a conversation with your children afterward about the videos' content. Info is available in English and Spanish.


           Password: 4par3nts

Free Internet Service

Parents if you need internet service, you can get it for free. Please call the number below:


Free Internet K-12 student

1-866-674-6287. Sales/New Accounts

Parent Must Call

~ Mrs. DeGregorio


3/18/20 Daily Update

Good Afternoon Homeroom Parents,

It is more important than ever to review the Child Lures/Teen Lures Prevention program. Parents, you must log on and speak with your children about the information presented. The link to access this is childluresprevention.com/diobrooklyn.  The password is 4par3nts. Additionally, here is a link to a downloadable PDF that includes review posters for Grade 6: https://secureservercdn.net/


In other news, again a majority of the class did not check in to confirm their attendance again this morning. Parents, I stress the importance of doing this EVERY DAY by 9:30 am until April 20th – or please have your child email me each morning instead with the following EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: ‘(Date here) Attendance Check for (child’s first and last name here)’. The body of the text should include that you understand the assignments that have been given. I’d also like to highlight the importance of submitting work every day by 5 pm (unless otherwise noted). Grades do matter and will count toward the Third Trimester, which technically began today. Pictures of proof can be sent via email as attachments.


Updates from me are listed daily ON MY CLASS PAGE (which you are on now), IN MY HOMEWORK GOOGLE DOCS PAGE, and VIA OPTIONC. Assignments are given out on a daily basis. If you have any questions, please contact me during my online office hours – 10 am to 11 am every day. Again, my email is rdegregorio@olphcab.org. I will be checking emails and comments/questions within Google Classroom periodically throughout the day outside of that designated hour and will respond as soon as possible.

If any student is having trouble getting into their Google Classroom sites, they have to be in their OLPHCAB account. Next, join Google Classroom, click on the + sign located in the upper right hand corner. Hit ‘Join Class’ and type in the class code. This should allow you to view the assignments posted by your teachers.


I have also set up an editable Google Doc for homeroom parents to list your email addresses so I know how to reach out to you, if need be. Please fill this out as soon as possible. Only one parent has responded so far.


Thank you,

Mrs. DeGregorio


As announced on Friday, 3/13: School will be closed Monday, 3/16 - Friday, 3/20. Online distance learning and assignments will begin on Tuesday morning, 3/17.


Parents: be sure to sign in thru Option C - where I’ll be sending you an announcement. You need to sign in every day, in order for students to get credit for being in attendance.

Students: be sure to do ALL of your assignments. Google Classroom codes can be found in my Homework page (^see first link listed above^)

My email is     rdegregorio@olphcab.org


And a reminder: ALL links found within the SLIDES link above are viewable for all.

St. Patrick's Day

Class Supply Lists

Spring begins 3/19


- All assignments must have a full heading (including # in upper righthand corner); script handwriting preferred; and in blue or black pen.


- When writing paragraphs, remember to indent every paragraph (usually the length of half your thumb). Paragraphs have AT LEAST 5 complete sentences / maximum of 7 or 8 sentences. DO NOT skip lines in between paragraphs. All sentences must be complete thoughts, meaning there is ALWAYS a subject + verb + predicate.


- Proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation and sentence structure count.

- If you make a spelling mistake, cross it out with a single line - no scribbling. All writing must be neat and legible.


- NO plagiarizing (copying other people's words and/or ideas without credit).

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