We are very proud of our alumni whom have made many strides in their careers in our community and around the world! Three of our alumni; Mrs. Rosaleen DeGregorioMr. Darwin Huo (07'), and Mr. Nicholas Molinari (07') are now teaching here at OLPH CAB!

To share your success stories on this page, email Mr. Molinari at: nmolinari@olphcab.org

Bishop Loughlin


Bishop Kearney


Jasmine Salazar (91') became the first lay female Vice Chancellor of the Diocese of Brooklyn. She is also the Victim Assistance Coordinator for the diocese providing support for victims of abuse. 

Miguel Molina (07') is a User Experience Designer that redesigned the homepage for the official New York City guide (nycgo.com) to help promote the city to local, domestic, and international visitors. 

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