Music & Spanish -  Mr. Henry Diaz

Music and Spanish Supply List for 2019- 2020

2nd Grade - Listen to this song and draw what comes to mind when you listen. Be creative! Send a picture to me at

Have fun with this! 

2nd Grade for 3/29/2020. Try this activity! No worries if you are unsure about what the symbols are. Just take a pic to show me how much fun you are having! Have your parents copy and paste the link to the search bar on your computer. 

PreK4 - I Play Music Activity

1st Grade - Word Search 3/16/2020

PreK3, PreK4, K, and 1st Grade! 

Enjoy and have your parents take a pic of you having fun and email to

Have fun and be safe! 

3rd Grade Music Work 3/26/2020 

PreK 3 Have Fun! 3/29/2020

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