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Hi! My name is Mr. Molinari and I will be your child’s STEM & Phys. Ed. teacher. I’m excited to begin my third year at OLPH CAB! I am an alumnus of OLPH (Class of 07’) and studied computer science at Brooklyn College. I am the Health & Physical Education coordinator, moderator of the Video Club, Art Club, & Aquinas Program, & designer of the school's website.


STEM consists of mainly hands-on projects about real-world problems, that combine science, technology, engineering, and math. This year, we will be focused on doing more technology and science based projects. Additionally, STEM will now be for grades Kindergarten to the 8th Grade!


As always if you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly via email at: nmolinari@olphcab.org

Supply List

Rosie's Runtime (6)

Color by Number (1)

Ball and Ramp Challenge (5)

Dinosaur Graphing (3)

Egg Drop (7)

Coding with Letters (4)

Zip Line Challenge (6)

4 Wheel Balloon Car (5)

Tetris Tournament

2048 Tournament

Rush Tournament

Popsicle Stick Bridge (6)

Digital Relay (8)

Robot Sign Language (4)

Chain Reaction (8)

Money Plane Challenge (7)


Challenge (8)


Challenge (7)

Speed Cube

Challenge (6)

Flip Book (4)

Zoetrope (5)


Challenge (5)


Challenge (7)

Flip Book (4)

Binary Code

(7 &8)

Number Slider (3)

Board Game (8)

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