Back to School Dance (12 minutes, 43 seconds)

An 8th grade fundraiser for students in the Junior High to be welcomed back and new students to be welcomed. 

Video by: Arianna Sosa & Mr. Molinari

Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremony (1 hr, 10 mins, 56 seconds)

After mass, the commencement ceremony for the Class of 2018 takes place. 

8th Grade Prom (10 minutes, 37 seconds)

After an awards ceremony, the soon-to-be graduating class danced the night away at the Knights of Columbus. 

Sports Day (27 minutes, 55 seconds)

The entire school participated in a day devoted to exercise, sports, teamwork, and having fun! Filmed exclusively by students on two cameras, witness relay races, to Basketball, to a Tug-of-War, Volleyball, the tradition of 8th graders passing the torch to the younger grades and their Goodbye Video. 

Video by: Arianna Sosa, Elana Chen, Damariz Flores

Goodbye Video by: Mr. Molinari

Flip Book (2 minutes, 38 seconds)

The 5th graders sketched and colored flip books to bring their own drawings to life!

Music Video (11 minutes, 29 seconds)

The 6th grade wrote, filmed, directed, and edited their own music videos to their favorite songs (Bruno Mars, Prince Royce, Imagine Dragons, & Sabrina Carpenter) 

Breakfast with Santa (5 minutes, 15 seconds)

Students, their families, faculty, and the HAA joined together for breakfast, travel through the winter wonderland, Santa's workshop, and meet Santa himself!

S.T.E.M. Board Game (3 minutes, 48 seconds)

Students in the 5th grade created, built, and tested their own original board game on grades Pre-K4, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade.

S.T.E.M. Rocket Challenge (2 minutes, 44 seconds)

Using a set of household materials, students created one of three types of pulleys to lift the most amount of weight. 

Video by: Brianna Berrios 

S.T.E.M. Maze Challenge (4 minutes, 34 seconds)

Students created a complicated marble maze out of a deck of cards to stump a player for at least 60 seconds. 

Video by Arianna Sosa, Damariz Flores, and Elana Chen

S.T.E.M. 4 Wheel Balloon Car (3 minutes, 32 seconds)

Using mostly household objects, the 5th grade built cars powered only by air blown into a balloon. Which car will go the furthest?

Video by: Elene Wang, Ava Then, & Mr. Molinari

S.T.E.M. Catapult Challenge (2 minutes, 18 seconds)

Using mostly pencils and rubber bands, the 6th grade created catapults and slingshots to propel a projectile 10 ft closest to a target.

Video by: Arianna Sosa, Arelius Vendrell, Yesslynn Salazar, Noemy Taveras, & Mr. Molinari

Valentine's Day Dance (6 minutes, 9 seconds)

Students in grades 5-8 had much fun dancing their hearts out!

Video by Arianna Sosa, Yesslynn Salazar, and Brianna Berrios

S.T.E.M. Egg Drop (4 minutes, 25 seconds)

Using 100 popsicles sticks or less, Elmer's liquid glue, scissors, and a mystery item (determined by random draw) the 7th and 8th grades designed and built contraptions to house a raw egg. They had to protect the egg from breaking during a freefall of 5ft (7th grade) and 10ft (8th grade). Mystery items included cotton balls, computer paper, tissues, rubber bands and paper clips, and plastic straws.

Video by: Brianna Berrios, Kimberly Morales, Dayanara Coronel, and Mr. Molinari.

S.T.E.M. Popsicle Stick Bridge (3 minutes, 41 seconds)

Using 100 popsicles sticks or less, Elmer's liquid glue, and scissors the 5th and 6th grades designed and built bridges. They had to hold loads of up to 5lbs (5th grade) and 10lbs (6th grade)

Catholic Schools Week (14 minutes, 48 seconds)

Our brand new Video Club made a video to express how amazing OLPH CAB is and what makes us different from other schools featuring testimonials from both faculty and students. 

Video by: Brianna Berrios, Elana Chen, Winnie Chen, Kaitlyn Cortez, Damariz Flores, Paris Flores, Mylien Lai, Yesslynn Salazar, Arianna Sosa, Ava Then, Sayri Tupacyupanqui, Norvin Tso, Mr. Molinari & Mr. Huo. 

Halloween Party (9 minutes, 45 seconds)

Just under 500 students, families and friends came out to our annual Halloween Party in our newly renovated gymnasium. 

Video by Jessica Nieves & Mr. Molinari

S.T.E.M. Zip Line Challenge (2 minutes, 06 seconds)

The 6th and 8th grades created mechanisms out of three sheets of computer paper, four plastic straws, and scotch tape to hold and transport objects across the classroom via a zip line!

OLPH.: At a Glance (30 seconds)

Check out the official promo for our school. Promoting higher learning through a Catholic education. 

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